Sweet Spot Magi Controller - Unleash the IDLE Power

Since PoW-V2 hard fork the "rat race" Magi mining is over because throwing more energy at the network leads into getting even smaller rewards.

So why wasting energy to get fractions of XMG when we can do it in a smarter way?

Sweet Spot Magi Controller is able:
- to hide the miner window so it will not waste your taskbar space.
- to hide itself into the system tray while running.
- to start the miner at LOW priority so the miner will not slow down your work.
- to check the current Block Value and control the miner CPU usage targeting the Block Value you choose.

Unfortunately someone has used our legitime, free and open source app with bad intentions abusing 10s of users. Which resulted into blacklisting our app, and our API server.
Since we never wanted and agreed anybody to do any harm using our apps we decided:
- to shut down our API.
- to decrease the amount of functionalities of our app to the level where it is impossible to be used in harmful way (I'm sorry for all our honest users but this is the way to go).

Download 1.0.6 (2016-06-06) (source)
MD5: 3dc9be2eda79a3f81b6e539c218667ab
SHA1: 66b1f9753ecd00e51989beb062bde81603be36be
SHA256: 3e6e76531b073c00a76ec89ec7ccbd61590c1b1de1bfcb2309afdaee96bdb547
- Fixed caching issues.

Download 1.0.5 (2016-05-03) (source)
MD5: 4b6b3cb5b0d0644e8e78e47cbe61dcd9
SHA1: 5c608d638f6d850f735b9c4838e84d0a7e70595e
SHA256: ce19a66639eb1b80cd0b64538499c657459d8a35875a16aab58e89478dc9e993
- Removed the start minimized option.
- Removed the auto start miners option.
- Does not use xmg.makejar.com API anymore.
- Added info pop-up in the start.

1.0.2 (2015-09-28) (source)
- Added solo mining.

1.0.1 (2015-04-19) (source)
- Increased maximum of threads to 48.

1.0.0 (2015-04-12) (source)
- Added new pool (mining.m-hash.com).
- Now it will auto-update pools list.
- Added 60% and 70%.
- Smoother work in 40~70% range.

0.9.9 Beta (2015-03-27) (source)
- Added new pool.
- Added dashboard button.
- Added ability to start multiple processes instead of threads.
- Added "Hide On Startup", "Auto Start Miners", "Auto Hide Miners" options. Thanks to Spexx for the ideas.

0.9.8 Beta (2015-02-15) (source)
- added ability to set your own target for Network Hash Rate.
- added ability to set your own target for Block Value.
- added ability to set Min & Max CPU usage.
- just 2 miners included (special thanks to Spexx & Wolf0).
- now it shows the % in reverse way (90% becomes 10% etc.).
- I decided to make it open source (hope this will lead in improvements or can be used as base of creating new apps).

0.9.7 Beta (2015-01-17)
- (bugfix) full speed if our server goes temporary down.

0.9.6 Alpha (2015-01-14)
- added Block Value tracking.
- added Spexx Miners.

0.9.5 Alpha (2015-01-09)
- first public version.

(Use at your own risk. Contact me if you get any issues ).

Sweet Spot Magi Miner

- Unpack.
- Run the sweetspot.exe.
- It will create settings.ini in its folder once you run the miner or exit the app.


Other Thoughts:
I think in the past year with the Bitcoin price hype most people forgot why the cryptos exist and how they work. So let us repeat:
- Mining is a process to find "just one (and only one)" user to process the next transaction in a decentralized network.
- Difficulty is the parameter to control the time between block findings. More MH/s = Greater Difficulty to keep the same time interval = Less chance that there will be more than one winner at the same time.
- Block reward is a reward given to the block finder (if it is a pool then the reward will be split between the pool workers) with hope that the coin price will go up and some day they will be able to pay back their electricity bills :)
- Staking (where applicable) is a reward for the users that keep a copy of the blockchain in their PCs.
- why we should build centralized mining farms that waste more energy than a small town?
- why throwing TH/s when just few MH/s is safe enough.

Magi Coin solves most of the issues nowadays cryptos experience by controlling the rewards based on the hashrate. Now it is time to start mining smarter.

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